Working in my garden with my best friend

Working in my garden with my best friend

My slice of heaven!

I am very lucky to live and work in Ancram, NY,  the beautiful town located where three states meet. The Hudson Valley in New York, the Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts and the northwest corner of Connecticut offer the best of rural living.  I am a member of the Ancram Planning Board and the Ancram Conservation Commission. 

I studied landscape design and horticulture at the Institute of Ecosystem Studies in Millbrook, NY and Architectural Design and Drafting in Austin, Texas.  I have worked with some very talented architects who taught me lessons of good design and the importance of connecting the residential landscape with the architecture of the home.

I practice ecological landscape design to protect and enhance the natural elements that benefit the whole ecosystem by using;

  • Organic methods and native plants
  • Local labor and materials 
  • Methods to reduce maintenance and water use
  • Design practices to create sustainable landscapes

Client Reviews

Erin Robertson is extremely professional. She listens well to client desire, and implements ideas with fascinating creativity. The project Erin did for us was huge: there was absolutely nothing around a brand new house on a hill with 2 acres of basically empty space. The spaces she defined are inviting, relaxing and serene. One year after the initial project Erin came back and we changed a few things and enhanced others. The gardens are absolutely spectacular!

Erin is an absolute delight to work with. She actually did two projects for us. The first 12 years ago when we built our home and then again 7 years ago when we did an addition. She presented with unique ideas keeping in mind and respectful of our previous discussed likes, dislikes, thoughts and budget. Her vision of our property as a whole has proved to be successful as the gardens and property have matured and grown in tandem with the surrounding woods. The variety in her suggestions and selection of plantings is often admired and praised by our friends. About 5 years ago Erin did a very small project for us. At that time she had some addition thoughts on what we could change and add to improve the overall feel and look of our property. Beautiful work. We are more than pleased.

We hired Erin three years ago to start a long-term landscaping project that included an 1800 square foot deck, outdoor shower, jacuzzi, carport, fire pit, and outdoor storage. Very ambitious. She has been all we hoped for and more. She is timely, efficient, and does things the right way. There are no shortcuts taken in the planting process. She uses quality people who plant properly and to her exact specifications. My plants have all come back and look magnificent after a long, hard winter. My carport is the prize of our project and it is modern and beautiful. She is an excellent collaborator and was open to my ideas. We really saw eye to eye during the entire planning process and she understood and enhanced my aesthetic. Her plans are easy to read and she is great with a planning board. She is an absolute pleasure in every way. I highly recommend her.

It was and continues to be an absolute pleasure working with Erin. Her creativity, dedication, and flexibility are superb. Erin invested the time to listen and understand our objectives and then presented multiple alternatives with her recommendation on how to proceed. She handled every aspect of the design and implementation process including vetting multiple specialists for tree work, planting, stone work, construction, and fencing. Erin coordinated and managed the project, which became a wonderful success. She continues to be fully engaged and self-motivated to ensure the gardens develop and mature in the most aesthetic and stable way. We provide unequivocally the highest recommendation for Erin Robertson Design.

I called Erin on a strong recommendation from friends. They weren't wrong! She has done not only a great job designing and making sense of my landscape, but she is diligent in making sure the contractors complete their work correctly and in good time. Working with her is a delight.

Thoughtful. Adaptive to owners preferences, but has and retains an overall vision. Budget conscious. Extremely knowledgeable about native vs. invasive species. A pleasure to work with. Result was great. Definitely recommend, particularly for anyone with a desire to retain a natural, local look.


Contractor Review

I have worked with Erin Robertson for close to 15 years on a multitude of projects that vary in size and scope.  Her designs are well designed, creative and site specific. She works well with the homeowner and contractors to ensure that her design is built to her high standards.